Brianna Tong

Brianna Tong is a leader for our generation and those to follow. Tong was born and raised in Delaware and is now attending University of Chicago. After stumbling upon her on Twitter, I was personally inspired by her presence within her community. I then went on to google her and came across an article, Fired-up Millennials, which spoke about how Tong initially was unable to relate to candidates because “they did not look like her” or “represent people like her.” Her goal is to inform millennials and those like herself of candidates that do represent her beliefs and cultural background. I immediately connected with Tong being that Millennial Social Movement shares the same vocation.

In addition, Tong grew up listening to stories about the civil rights movement and these stories have been the foreground for her journey in advocating for social justice. That being said, along with Tong studying English and Comparative Race and Ethnic studies she is also an organizer with Iiron Student Network and Iiron Action. We all could definitely take notes from Tong and actually get out there and speak up for our generation and beliefs.

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