Myles E. Johnson & Kendrick Daye

I’d like to introduce you to Myles E. Johnson and Kendrick Daye, two amazingly talented millennials who aspire to share their story and creativity with the world. These intelligent men created a children’s book series titled Large Fears. Large Fears illustrates the adventures and challenges of a young, black queer boy, including a trip to Mars and stepping on several stars to get there. This book gives queer children the opportunity to have something/someone to relate to given that there is hardly any representation in the media for young queer folk, especially black children. Moreover, something as simple as a book can change the lives of kids who may be feeling confused and alone because they are different. All the need is reassurance that they have a place in society just like everyone else. That being said let me tell you a little bit more about the creators.


Image credit: Myles E Johnson & Kendrick Daye

Johnson, from New York had me at Einstein and parallel universes. Okay, yes I’m referring to an article, What I learned By Being Faced With Black Queer Suicide, written over a year ago but I love that he took something mindfully abstract and related it to a real life and very serious situation. He has the ability to make you feel as though you were sitting on a couch with him with a glass of wine having the best conversation; then he opens up and tells you something personal and you instantly feel a trusting connection between the two of you. I’m not even sure if I can do that through writing. In addition, It could also be my love for astronomy as well that intrigues me about his writing. Either way, my hat goes off to him.

Daye, from Miami, his art – wow! It’s just like in your face, fun and glamorous; just looking at his art makes you feel that you’re a part of the in-crowd. Plus, seeing Britney Spears with a Teletubby from the cover of 1999’s Rolling Stone triggers nostalgia for me. Daye’s art is hip and youthful. I want a piece of it on everything from t-shirts to iPhone cases. Taking this in consideration, I can see how they’re able to collaborate beautifully to create Large Fears. Who doesn’t love a good story with incredible art?

All things considered, I greatly admire these two because they have a way of using their creativity to make things fun, imaginative and inspirational. They definitely haven’t forgotten where they came from and the challenges faced being a queer child. Likewise, they’ve successfully raised over $3,000 for their Kickstarter campaign in order to publish Large Fears and develop creative workshops for children of the ages 5-12. It’s definitely about that time we include those who are outcast and make the “norm” squirm. Thank you Myles and Kendrick.

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