Erica Williams Simon

Erica Williams Simon is a well-known media maker, writer and social impact strategist. She is a Washington DC native and got her first start in working with the community through her parents’ church when she was just a young girl. She then went to college and pursued a career in policy and civil and human rights while becoming the director of Generation Progress. Simon’s primary goal is to “share the heart and voice of change” by empowering youth to find their “authentic” voice and inspire through storytelling.

Her powerful message to the millennials is “move from vision to action” by telling your own personal story and relating it to the overall message and/or goal. Simon coaches individuals on how to make social change through digital media and communications. She strives to help “do-gooders do better”.

Simon continues to be active in serving communities across the world. She is CEO of EWS Strategies and editor of, in addition to consulting innovators on being successful in campaigning for positive social impact. Furthermore, she has been and continues to be a keynote speaker at vast conferences within universities and corporations. Simon has received several awards and recognition such as NAACP top 40 under 40.

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