Jack Suria Linares

I’m not sure if I can throughly express how fulfilling it is that there are so many young individuals that passionately care about the well-being of humanity and social justice. Likewise, you have those who not only care, but are active in their communities and inspire younger generations. Do I dare call them prodigies?

On that note, Jack Suria-Linares fits the above declaration. Linares is a California native with a little bit of east coast flare. He obtained his BA in history at Hamilton College and is currently working on his M.A. in labor studies at The Murphy Institute-CUNY; both in New York. What inspires me about Linares is his openness to socialism and his ability to apply those concepts to solving social injustices such as racism and education inequality.

More specifically, Open Borders and the Complexity of Structural Racism, an article written by Linares spoke to me in several ways. His main argument is that “electorial politics” will never change our societal issues concerning racism, higher education, healthcare etc. He wants us to see the bigger picture. It’s not just politics, it’s a systematic problem and we must address the root. Don’t rely on an individual to make these changes, everyone must contribute. Which in fact, circles around to the significance of quality education and healthcare. Ultimately, uneducated and unhealthy citizens won’t have the knowledge or energy to change society.

Furthermore, Linares succeeds in keeping these issues on dock via his roles in multiple organizations. His message along with others reached me through Young Democratic Socialists. He also has published articles in The Spectator and established the Young Democratic Socialist chapter at Hamilton College. I have a feeling this is only the tip of the iceberg for Linares’ impact on social reform.

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