Check out the Millennial Logic Episode 25-28!

Check out Millennial Logic Episodes 25-28!

Millennial Logic Episode 25: Millennials Making Moves

Description: In this episode, Porsche and G The Rebel discuss their other endeavors in addition to the Millennial Social Movement.

Description: Porsche and G The Rebel have a heated discussion on the current state of Black People in America. What are your thoughts?
Description: Porsche and G The Rebel reflect on this past year and talk about what is on the agenda for the Millennial Social Movement going into 2018.
Description: Erica “Miss-Enformed” Baker joins Porsche and G The Rebel in continuing the discussion on racism and the state of black people in the United States.
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Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds

Here are just a few Hurricane Harvey relief funds we found. Every small step makes a difference. Along with donating, we must put pressure on our local officials. Preparation is key. This is only the beginning of extreme storms. Furthermore, stay positive.

Anything helps!


  1. Houston Flood Relief Fund 

Funding organizer by Houston Texan football player JJ Watt


2. Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Funding organizers Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner & County Judge Ed Emmet


3. Global Giving

An organization based in Washington, D.C. focusing on bridging the gap between community advocates and donators to those in need around the world.

VP Debate: Multiple-Hit Tim vs. Side-Steppin’ Mike

VP Debate: Multiple-Hit Tim vs. Side-Steppin’ Mike

In this episode of Millennial Logic, Porsche and I discuss our opinions of the Vice Presidential Debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence. Check out the Millennial Social Movement Website:


Here we go! Episode 3! In this episode, Porsche and I discuss our opinions of the Vice Presidential Debate. Tim Kaine was hitting Mike Pence multiple times while Pence was side-steppin’: hence the title. Check it out!

Millennials Talking: “The Read” and “Yo, Is This Racist?”

This is The Read! I absolutely love this podcast. Hosts Crissle and Kid Fury have a boisterous/clever way of addressing social injustice, pop culture buzz and questions from listeners. Be prepared for a heavy dose of foul language with a bit of enlightenment.

Yo, Is This Racist? Host Andrew Ti and a weekly guest answer anonymous questions on whether not a situation/comment is racist. 100% of the time it’s totally racist! This podcast is extremely funny and a lighthearted conversation about racism if there was ever such a thing.

Welcome to the Movement!

Welcome to the Millennial Social Movement official website. This is our very post! Porsche Bazany and I (Girado Smith II aka. G The Rebel) are excited to get things started. With this website, we will discuss our thoughts on various topics and recent happenings within our nation. In addition, we will have special pages such as The Millennial of the Month and Organizations, and The Millennial Forum (which we plan to have up and running sometime this summer). We encourage you to register with us to engage in creative discussions in order to promote actions that will make lasting positive impact in our communities.