New Episode of Millennial Logic: A Call for Unity and Action


Millennial Logic Episode 8: A Call for Unity and Action

After a brief hiatus, we’ve returned with a brand new episode of Millennial Logic!  We discuss the current political climate in regard to the transition of power. In addition, we provide strategies on how to move forward in sustaining our human rights. Furthermore, one tactic is coming together as a group and organizing. To learn more, tune in and feel free to comment here, Spreaker, or Soundcloud!

Millennials, Where Are We At?

Millennials, where are we at? As a millennial myself, I pay attention to the news and I read articles on all kinds of topics involving national and international affairs. However, why do I feel disconnected when these conversations about pressing issues are taking place. As we are into the presidential season, for example, obviously there are candidates vying for the support of every single citizen in this country, but why as a millennial do I feel there is nobody speaking for us or with us? Why are domestic issues serious to millennials not being discussed heavily? Why do we rarely hear anyone speak about solving “insert issue” that is hurting millennials? Where are we?

I am obviously not the most knowledgeable individual on everything that is everything, but I know that we are not involved much. We do not see millennials (or representatives) on the major outlets discussing pressing issues. Honestly, that is quite inexcusable to me. They need to let us more into the conversations. Granted, we ourselves need to take the initiative to be involved; even if that means coming in uninvited. I am all in for us millennials flooding all corners of the internet and our communities to make our voices heard on the issues.

Our generation for the most part has entered into adulthood. We are older and wiser than we were before (obviously since that comes with age). That being said, we have to contribute to the discussions on how we can make this country and our world better for future generations. I do not know about you, but I do not want my children and grandchildren (if I am blessed to have any) and other future children grow up in a time like the one we did. Yeah, our time has been better than our parents’ and grandparents’ but we still have a long ways to go until we are in a truly equal, safe, and open-minded world. Let’s work at this and not let our voices be censored or ignored. Write your blogs and articles. Write your books. Make your videos. Have your protests. Have your meetings. Be heard. Do not hold back. Do not let anybody stop you.

So my fellow millennials, I ask this again………Where are we at?