Young People, Take A Stand and Protest!

Protesting Is Uncomfortable. Should It Be Easier?

Thought I would share this article above from NPR that I came across.

I am sure that a lot of us have come across this dilemma in regards to protesting. Protesting (or any acts of standing up for or against something) is definitely meant to be uncomfortable and difficult to do. We can see in history what people were met with who protested against injustices. They were met with violence, arrest, and even death. I especially think about this now because a couple days ago we honored the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who faced violence, arrest, and was assassinated for standing up against injustices. Even though, we still face the scares today, they are not even close to what those in the past in this country have faced and those in less democratic countries face.

I think it is great that there are teens and young adults (I guess I can still claim to be a young adult myself) who are politically conscious and aware of the social injustices that this country faces. We need more Millennials and Gen Z individuals who want to stand up against injustices. I understand the worry of what others think, but that is the whole point in protesting and standing up. It is to challenge the issues in this country that are destructive to democracy and human rights.

Stand tall. We have the right to freedom of speech, and it should not matter where we express those rights. We need to make that clear to all the young ones who want to take a stance.

Rebel Out.

Climate Change: Humanity’s Demise?

So truthfully, we all secretly (or for the morbid – openly) ponder what will be the demise of human existence. Climate change is in fact an increasing fear and an 11th hour issue to all animals on Earth. It’s prime time hurricane season and there have already been billions of dollars in damages and lives lost due to hurricane Harvey and Irma. This is not to mention historical wildfires along the west and other natural disasters. There is no time to ignore the reality of climate change. We must act now!

Nevertheless, many of us wonder what we can do on our own to help combat climate change. Similarly, will our collective efforts even work? A favorite organization of the movement, Climate Reality Project, has tons of information on this very topic. Here’s a cool video by Bill Nye the Science Guy explaining the effects of climate change and how to reduce our carbon foot print. Don’t forget to check out Millennial Logic’s episode on this topic as well.

Bill Nye’s Advice:


New Episode of Millennial Logic: A Call for Unity and Action


Millennial Logic Episode 8: A Call for Unity and Action

After a brief hiatus, we’ve returned with a brand new episode of Millennial Logic!  We discuss the current political climate in regard to the transition of power. In addition, we provide strategies on how to move forward in sustaining our human rights. Furthermore, one tactic is coming together as a group and organizing. To learn more, tune in and feel free to comment here, Spreaker, or Soundcloud!

Millennial Logic Episode 7!

Aftermath of The 2016 Presidential Election: Love Vs. Hate

In this episode, we discuss the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, our opinions, and where do we move here from now.

Hey everyone,

Check out Millennial Logic Episode 7: Aftermath of The 2016 Presidential Election: Love Vs. Hate

In this episode, we discuss the results of the 2016 Presidential Election, our opinions, and where do we move here from now.

Governing Gone Bad

There appears to be a trend within our generation in regard to the perception of the US government, local, state and federal. It goes without saying that we feel like we can’t trust our government. Recall annual tax season and dreadful mandatory visits to the DMV, we’d rather not bother with it. This has been on my mind for quite some time but recently I was having a conversation with some friends about immigration. Among all of us we could not fathom why it’s so hard to gain citizenship in this country. Especially since this country was built on the back of immigrants. I couldn’t help to notice that a few of my friends chose to shutdown, blame the government and refuse to have anything to do with it. Comments were made such as, “the government is terrible” and “this is why I don’t vote”. While I am able to empathize with these opinions, I feel this way of thinking is not very helpful to the progression of our society.

My point is as much as we don’t want to have anything to do with our government, we can’t just throw our hands up and turn the other way. If we are truly fed up, we must fight fire with fire and revolutionize. We are the generation to lead the world to social justice as long as we stay motivated. That being said, how can we do this and what makes a government great at their job?


The Importance of Local/State Government

Check out Good Governance Guide to read detailed information on the characteristics and methods of a good government. While this in fact is an Australian based website, I believe the ideas presented are useful for any governed nation. The key points associated with good governance are: (1) transparency within the policy process and (2) legislation must be created with the wellbeing of the most vulnerable in the community in consideration. In order for us as a community to ensure that our local, state and federal government are practicing good policy we need to be aware of who we place in office and be more present in general. With this in mind, I want to present two examples that demonstrate poor public policy and our inability to participate in the political process. Here’s governing gone bad:

  1. Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana Purchase

In 2008, Bobby Jindal was sworn into office as the governor of Louisiana. At that point in time, Louisiana had a surplus of $1 billion and by the end of Jindal’s two terms, Louisiana’s economy is at a $1.6 billion deficit. It is so bad that Jindal’s successor, John Bel Edwards (democrat), came forth with a public service announcement (video below) expressing how detrimental this situation is. A lot of public services may be defunded and not available. What gets me the most is the possible shut down of state universities and colleges. Children and young adults are paying the price of Jindal’s financial irresponsibility. Jindal gets to leave office while the state and the people are left suffering and scurrying to find ways to alleviate this problem. Furthermore, I was surprised that while researching this particular issue there was not a lot of information out there. You would think this epidemic would be everywhere being that Jindal attempted to run for president.


  1. Flint Michigan – The Water

Here’s how Flint’s water crisis happened – CNN Video

CNN’s Sara Ganim explains the story behind the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

I cannot begin to express how devastating the Flint water crisis is. The people should be able to trust their local/state government when it comes to the basic necessities of life. Unfortunately, in Genesee county, Michigan it is not the case. Due to lack of transparency and the inability of the local and state government to inform their residents of possible contaminants within the water, families are suffering throughout the county. In addition, the government officials absolutely disregarded the wellbeing of the most vulnerable people in the city, that being children (6,000-12,000 exposed). The state’s decisions will affect these people for the rest of their lives.

I will briefly explain the aspects surrounding the crisis, likewise, I will provide links with more detailed information. The water crisis in Flint, MI is a contamination of “treated” water. The city of Flint changed their water source from Detroit Water and Sewage Department (DWSD) to Flint River. The water tested at the Flint Water Plant showed acceptable low levels of contamination. However, once the water traveled through the pipes into homes and buildings the water was in fact contaminated due to corrosion within the pipes which caused lead to leak into the water. This began as early as April 2014. Flint returned to DWSD as a water source in October 2015, however so many residents have been affected that Michigan has been in a state of emergency since January 5, 2016. Naturally, the people have a right to know who’s responsible and hold them accountable. This is an on-going investigation and thus far, four government officials have resigned and one has been fired.


To sum this up, it’s important to point out that both governors, Snyder and Jindal, attempted to save money without taking into consideration the impact it would have on their community. In fact, these poor choices resulted in the state having to spend even more money, as well as asking the federal government to bail them out. Furthermore, this is an eye-opener to the fact that we were right about not trusting our government and with this in mind we should not look the other way but in fact be present within the governmental process.

We can do this by participating in town hall meetings, visiting our local public office and just by simply doing research on our community leaders. In addition, some local offices have incorporated online participation in the form of public opinion surveys and live web-streamed meetings for our convenience. Here is a link to retrieve contact information for state and local government.


Flint Michigan:


Community Foundation of Greater Flint


Help Louisiana GoFundMe


Democratic Candidate: Bernie Sanders

While the newspapers we read, the radio stations we listen to, the social media websites that we frequent, and the news shows that we watch are so fascinated with the idea of Donald Trump or Ben Carson becoming president and the reputation of Hillary Clinton, there is another candidate from Vermont, that is trying to make some noise. That man is Bernie Sanders. I would like to shine a little light on Bernie Sanders and give him the time of day that the media has unfortunately denied him.

Being that there are a good amount of issues in which Bernie wants to address, I am just going to mention a few of the issues AND solutions that I support and that I believe many others, especially millennials, would as well:

  1. Income and Wealth Inequality

Descriptions: The income and wealth inequality in the U.S. is the most of any developed country. The top 0.1% own just as much of the U.S. wealth as the bottom 90%. The U.S. child poverty rate is 32.2%, the highest among any developed country.

Solutions: Increase the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour by 2020; investing $5.5 billion  into youth job programs to create 1 million jobs for disadvantaged  young Americans; signing the Paycheck Fairness Act to address women making less than men, $0.78 to $1.00; free tuition at public colleges/universities; universal healthcare.

My Response:

In a country with a plethora of wealth, it is quite alarming that damn near 50% of the wealth is in the hands of those in the top 0.1%. If that does not alarm you, then I do not know what I can say. If you watched the few times that Bernie has gotten media attention, on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and CNN, this is an issue that he consistently talks about that needs to be fixed. We can all agree that all the candidates see this problem, but Sanders seems like the only one that puts significant emphasis on it, and truly throws out ideas on how to address it.

  1. Women’s Rights

Descriptions: Women are being denied control over their own bodies. Women are being prevent access to vital medical and social services. Women are not being paid equally for equal work.

Solutions: Pay Equity for women; expand and protect the reproductive rights of women; quality childcare and Pre-K available for all Americans; increase minimum wage; make healthcare a right.

My Response: We are entering into the last quarter of 2015……….how is this still a thing? Oh right, the patriarchal society that America continues to be. Women have been contributing TREMENDOUSLY to American society. They should get equal pay, access to medical and social services, and then some. I am happy that Sanders is bringing this issue back to the spotlight, because it seems like everyone stopped talking about it.

  1. Climate Change & Environment

Descriptions: Changes need to be made so that in the future, this planet is habitable for all people. We need to be more energy efficient. We need to invest more in wind and solar power generation. The U.S. should lead this global initiative.

Solutions: Establish a gold standard for climate change legislation; oppose the Keystone XL pipeline.

My Response: This is one of the most underrated issues I have seen. Let’s be honest, all the other major issues are important, but we need to bring Climate Change to that level. People are not just ignoring it, they are flat out denying that it exists or is happening. Yes, probably the major effects of Climate Change can cause may not be seen in most of our lifetimes, however, we need to make sure the earth is habitable for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and beyond. Even with that, we are seeing the effects today with pollution, rising sea levels, and more. Bernie knows this and knows we need to address this issue before it gets way out of hand.

Some other major issues that he goes more in-depth about is Racial Justice and Immigration Policy.

As you can tell, I am endorsing Bernie Sanders for President. He is speaking to pressing issues that the middle class care about and that millennials care about. All in all, I could go on forever describing Bernie Sanders, but I will let you go learn about him yourself. I cannot wait for the Democratic Debate on CNN on October 13. I believe at this debate, the country will all finally see what Bernie stands for, and his numbers will go up. So before that, check out his campaign website to learn more. FEEL THE BERN!

Bernie Sanders 2016 Campaign Website