Arielle Newton

There is nothing better than having someone you can relate to, a person that shares your beliefs, race, sexuality etc. Matter of fact, it’s even better when you and that person can converse and agree to disagree on certain aspects even though you have the same cultural background. It takes a lot of courage for any individual to stand up amongst their peers and voice their opinions, whether right or wrong. Especially, when the fear of being judged, mocked or wrong can hit you like a ton of bricks.

That being said, Arielle Newton does it damn near flawlessly. Newton, known as a “proud feminist” has a ton of experience bringing together communities and contributing her thoughts on injustice within race, gender, and several other issues that need to be addressed. She is a freelance writer for Huffington Post, Civic Engagement Chair for Rockaway Youth Task Force and most importantly, the Founder and Editor in Chief of Black Millennials.

I’m mostly familiar with Ms. Newton via Black Millennials. I don’t quite remember how I found it but I was so happy I did. Black Millennials does an amazing job of bringing young people together and strengthening the voice of black youth, specifically within social media. I love the personal flare present on this blog. It was definitely the number one factor of attraction for me personally. Newton tells it like it is and she doesn’t only touch on political issues but she also throws in a little celebrity gossip too. And yes, Black Millennials is everything black culture but Newton encourages white allies to enjoy the expressive writing, art and videos as well. This website is a great platform for the black community to speak on a vast amount of issues.

Furthermore, Newton created a GoFundMe account for Black Millennials Fellowship Program. The primary goal of this program is to mentor “black activists who are interested in using arts, culture, and independent media to advance racial justice.” The program is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2016. This is great stuff, keep doing what you’re doing girl!

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